*We will not have Companion puppies Available in 2021 ​
Performance and show prospects possibly available

Please read the below information about how we raise and place our puppies 
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Vanstone Puppy Information: 

All Companion puppies are sold with Non-Breeding CKC registration with a Non-breeding contract.

Show and Performance pups are sold by private treaty. 

We take Enormous Pride and Joy in raising our litters. 

Puppies are born and raised in our active family home. Puppies are handled from birth and we follow ENS procedures with our newborns: http://www.breedingbetterdogs.com/article/early-neurological-stimulation

We put great thought and planning into each litter, to ensuring they have lots of enriched environments to explore. 

Puppies are socialized and desensitized to everything and anything we can think of that will help them in their adults lives starting at a very young age. 

As of 2016, we added the "Puppy Culture protocol" for raising Super-Puppies. 
For more information on: Puppy Culture.  

We invest countless hours into raising our litters, we use proven techniques to ensure that our puppies will be the best they can be: Striving towards happy, confident, socialized individuals.

 Puppies at 8-9 weeks are ready for their new homes where their  New Families can continue to build on a solid foundation.  

Our Passion is placing the very best Aussie puppies into the very best of homes!

How our wait list and selection works

We do not take deposits and companion homes need to be aware that they are waiting for A Puppy, Not necessarily a specific color or sex. We do our best to fill a wish list, but given the nature of things, we are not able to make any promises. 

We put a tremendous effort into placing each puppy in the home that will suite them best, we have over 14 years of experience placing puppies with families and have had fantastic results. 

Puppy Buyers need to be patient with the process of selection and understand that we might not be able to tell them which pup is for them until after the 8 week mark. We ask you to be prepared to keep your hearts open till then so that we can work together to make the best selection possible for you and for our puppies.  

We love to include our future homes in the socialization process; we have always had at least two visits during 5-8 weeks of age

Additional information: 

Companion puppy price is $2600.00 Canadian 
Puppies will have their first Vet Check done by 8 weeks and their Eyes cleared by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, they receive multiple de-worming and puppies have their first Vaccines and Vet Check. They are Micro-chipped and come with 6 weeks Health Insurance. All puppies come with a written guarantee and Contract. 

Parents have breed-appropriate health testing done prior to breeding, Specifically Hips and Elbows and Eyes with the OFA , Hereditary Cataract test clear (HD or HSF4) and MDRI Mutation status known. 
For more information regarding the health of the Australian Shepherd See ASHGI . 

We follow Dr. Jean Dodds DVM Protocol for minimal vaccine use. More information about that can be found at: http://www.hemopet.org/education.html.

We ask our buyers to commit to keeping in contact with us, we love hearing stories about the puppies and receiving pictures! 
Staying in contact with our homes provides us with great information and feed back, we are always looking to improve on our program. 

We offer lifetime support and are always available for questions, ready to help and if, at any time, and for any reason, we will take back a puppy, for the duration of their life. 

We also commit to support our puppy's families in the raising of their New Aussie pup and we are happy to share our experience and advice on all things Aussie Dog, from heath to food, grooming, training anything! And we even offer boarding at a big discount! 

We are also available to offer our help to any local newcomers to the breed in dog sports, specifically instruction for show grooming, showing and help with how to get involved in the great world of dog sports! 

For the Love of Aussies, 


Australian Shepherds